Support needy Lovely Centre

Who we are

Who we are

Support Needy Lovely Centre is non government organization, not profit community based organization founded in 2006 to offer services to communities in Kamuli district. The organization works through a platform of an action group of volunteers who are involved in a number of activities including but not limited to; HIV and AIDS counseling and community sensitisation, home based, supporting of people with disabilities, orphans and vulnerable children, provision of sexual and reproductive health information and services through its network of trained peer educators and working through existing health facilities in the district. The organisation is based in Busota trading centre in Kamuli District-Busoga Region. Currently the organisation has an immediate catchment area of 10 villages in the sub counties of Kitayunjwa, Butansi and Nabwigulu in Kamuli District.


A Kamuli in which young people, women and people with disabilities have access to quality sexual and reproductive health information and services and their rights to access these services are respected and protected.


To increase access to sexual and reproductive health services and rights information thus leading to the well being of young people, women, orphans and vulnerable children in Kamuli district.


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