Our work as volunteers

Our work as volunteers
To achieve our mission, we:
Create and implement engaging education and recreation programs for children, youth, elderly, HIV/AIDS Victim, disabled individuals, woman and the marginalized group.
Develop leadership and mentoring skills in volunteers throughout their intensive, long-term service commitment.
Collaborate with child service organizations by providing complementary programming and support, introducing children to new opportunities, and garnering resources and social capital for marginalized groups.
Motivate a global network of former volunteers to engage their local communities in support of social justice for children.
Poverty and hunger project this project is always supported by volunteers and other Merciful agents all over the world.
Community: We build a pro-active, socially-minded global family through respect, support and inclusion.
Empowerment: We create opportunities for all within our community to learn, grow and challenge themselves. We provide tools and knowledge to foster skills and maximize potential.
Positivity: We cultivate change with foresight, optimism and encouragement.
Responsibility: We manage our resources efficiently to ensure sustainable social impact.
Integrity: We believe in the sincerity, honesty and power of our words and actions.
Why volunteer with Support Needy Lovely Centre?
“Though often a cliché, it’s quite true here: volunteering with support Needy Lovely Centre will change your life. Nothing compares to the work, to the warm new family of volunteers and Chileans you work with each day, to the realization you get from a smile or offhand comment from one of the children that you’ve become a key part of their lives, to the beautiful country and opportunities to travel. It makes you feel alive. It makes you wish you could do more.”
Are you still unsure if volunteering with support Needy Lovely Centre is right for you? Don’t worry. We’ve asked around to see what our current volunteers and staff say the benefits are of becoming a volunteer with us.
We hope this helps you make your decision!
Create Positive Action
Volunteering with support Needy Lovely Centre is an opportunity to put your beliefs into action, create positive social change and use your current skills to help the organizations we work with and the a associated groups we serve in a sustainable way.
Learn and Develop Skills
Whether it’s improving your ability to teach and mentor, learning how to run one of our programs, enhancing your knowledge of fundraising or practicing your communication and teamwork skills, working with support Needy Lovely Centre can help you discover new talents and build on your transferable skills.
Discover More about Yourself
Challenging yourself and experiencing new things gives you insight into who you are and what you want to do in life. We believe that our volunteers should have the opportunity for self-reflection, many of our weekly seminars as well as our volunteer retreat, helps volunteers work through the challenging aspects of working with associated groups at risk and living abroad.
Meet New People
Here at support Needy Lovely Centre, you will work alongside people from a variety of places and backgrounds. We believe interacting with new cultures can widen your horizons and encourage you to look at life from a different perspective. It can also be a useful networking tool by getting to know people who are interested in working in similar fields as you.
Build Friendships and Have Fun
Volunteering with support Needy Lovely Centre is a lot of hard work, but there’s also a lot of great times and laughter. We enjoy hosting potlucks and Chilean barbeques, where taking moments away from work help us relax and enjoy living in Chile. Also, the experiences our volunteers have here leave them with many great friends all over the world.
Volunteering with support Needy Lovely Centre is an opportunity to work in an area that interests you, surrounded by like-minded people, happy in the knowledge that you are making a difference. These are just some of the reasons volunteering at support Needy Lovely Centre is such an enriching and rewarding experience.
Apply now to find out what it can do for you.
And if you’d like to be put in contact with a current support Needy Lovely Centre volunteer, let us know!
Some things to consider:
Although the benefits of volunteering for you, the children, and the social service organizations we work with are immeasurable, it is important to remember that it is a serious undertaking, compounded by living outside of your home country and often outside of your native language.
Here are some things to consider before making the commitment to volunteer with support Needy Lovely Centre:
Volunteering with support Needy Lovely Centre is a job.
At support Needy Lovely Centre, we expect a lot from our volunteers. They are the life force of the organization, and their energy, initiative and creativity touches the children’s lives every day. When a volunteer makes a commitment to support Needy Lovely Centre and our social service partners, it is a serious one. The time and length of stay requirements ensure that our social service partners receive continuous support, and that our programs continue to grow and expand. Our volunteers receive two vacation days for every month served and we require two weeks’ notice, so we can inform their placement in one of our organizations project within plenty of time.
A two to four month minimum commitment.
At first, two to four months may seem like a long stay, but once you arrive in Uganda, you will realize that it takes that amount of time to feel comfortable at your placement organization project. At the beginning, everything is new: the cities, the culture, how support Needy Lovely Centre works and your experiences with the children and other groups. It takes time to adapt and pick up the language. Even if you already speak English, you will find differences in the Uganda language!
The most important aspect of your work with support Needy Lovely Centre is your interactions with the children and other. Our volunteers develop and implement educational programs for the children, but the overall job is to simply be with them, whether teaching or talking about their day at school. You will spend many hours with them as a mentor at least four months, or the recommended time or longer, allows you to generate a trusting and loving bond with the children and other groups this gives you the opportunity to develop effective projects based on the children’s specific needs and other associated groups.
Kamuli is modulate, town.
The cost of living in Kamuli is low compared with any other major city in Uganda. While it is possible to live cheaply, most volunteers want to take advantage of all the city has to offer. support Needy Lovely Centre charges no fee to volunteer, but volunteers are responsible for all of their personal expenses. These include housing, food, transportation, travel, recreation, etc. Every effort is made to provide affordable housing to volunteers, but potential volunteers should seriously consider the financial commitment volunteering requires. Most have found it helpful to make a budget and stick to it throughout their stay. Volunteers often take advantage of opportunities teaching English to supplement their stays; however, this should not conflict with their volunteer commitment.
You will want to travel!
Support Needy Lovely Centre volunteers love to travel. As well as its own attractions, from the operational areas to National Park, gorilla tracking and many other places in Uganda. With so many exciting things to see and do, it is worth planning travelling time around your commitment to support Needy Lovely Centre. Many people find that setting aside four to six weeks at the end of their stay in Uganda gives them ample time to trek around the areas. Of course, our long term volunteers are available with travel advice and perhaps an extra sleeping bag or two.

A Day in the Life of support needy lovely centre as Volunteer
The first day
Frequent questions asked
Where can I volunteer with support needy lovely centre ?
At the moment, it is only possible to work within Kamuli, Uganda. In the future, we hope to expand to other places.
Do I get paid for volunteering with support needy lovely centre?
No, we do not currently have the resources to pay our volunteers. We do, however, provide stipends to our directors. The only fully paid position at support needy lovely centre is the Executive Director.
How much time will I work weekly?
Each volunteer works approximately 40 hours a week, developing strong relationships with the children, planning activities, and participating in support needy lovely centre committee projects. Volunteers work, on average, 30 hours a week in one of our partner social service organizations and 10 hours a week on support needy lovely centre projects. Volunteers in other roles, such as coordinators, have varying schedules and frequently split their time between the office and their placement organization.
What kind of work will I do?
Volunteers’ day-to-day tasks vary greatly depending on the social service organization in which they work. In general, volunteers provide support in childcare, education, youth, elderly support, economic development intervention mentoring and administration. Tasks can involve leading activities and workshops such as art projects or sports, playing games, and helping the children to achieve their dreams. In some organizations projects, volunteers also provide support to the full-time staff with tasks such as formulating organization tools and other official material. One of the main jobs of the volunteers is to be a friendly, consistent presence for the associated group and serve as someone to talk to or spend valuable one-on-one time with.
In addition to their work in the social service organization, each volunteer is assigned to a staff where they can develop existing projects or propose and implement new ones. The duties within a committee vary greatly and the time commitment required changes week-to-week depending on upcoming events. Volunteers on the Resource Development team, for example, might be helping with recruitment of new volunteers or organizing an event to kick off support needy lovely centre’s annual fundraising campaign. Volunteers on the Programs Committee might be helping run information to targeted groups.
When will I start working?
Once your application has been approved, you will join one of our volunteer classes. Each year we welcome a new class in September, January, and May with an Orientation Week. During this time you will meet the other volunteers, learn how support needy lovely centre functions, receive training on working with children and associated groups at social risk, and get to know the environment in which you will be living and working. Your work in your placement organization and on your support needy lovely centre committee begins after your ten-day support needy lovely centre Orientation is complete.
How to apply
Please note: You cannot save and return to edit your responses. We recommend preparing your responses in a separate document before entering them below.
Support needy lovely centre is committed to equal opportunities for all persons without regard to sex, age, race, color, religion, creed, national origin, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.


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